2017 MAS Users Conference and Open House


Welcome to the 2017 MAS Users Conference and Open House. The 2017 MAS Users Conference brings together the MASterMind community to learn, share, and connect.

EXploring the future


WHEN: May 9-10, 2017

WHERE: Costa Mesa, CA


EXplore the future

Look ahead and discover what the future holds for you with MASterMind EX and the latest integrations. Business, industry, and platform updates will be covered in our general sessions.

EXchange ideas

Connect with other MASterMind users and exchange ideas on how MASterMind can help you run your business.


EXperience our solutions

Not sure which solution is best for your business needs? Join us at the Open House and meet the team behind MASterMind to get a firsthand look at our upcoming products and features.


Join us and become future-focused with MASterMind.

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