Guardian Protection Increases Service Efficiencies With the Integration of MASmobile Technician

April 22, 2014 — Warrendale, Pa. — Guardian Protection Services, the nation’s largest privately held security systems company, has seen multiple benefits since implementing a new mobile application in its service operations in January. The app, MASmobile Technician, is designed by MAS to help installation and service technicians manage and complete on-site installation and service jobs. MAS is a part of UTC Building & Industrial Systems, a unit of United Technologies Corp. (NYSE:UTX).

Shin Voeks, MAS general manager, said Guardian is among the first customers to integrate MASmobile Technician into its business. In the three months since launching the app, Guardian has eliminated as many as nine phone calls per day per technician, reduced the time spent by support employees taking calls from technicians, and increased the quality of leadership efforts put forth daily by Guardian operations managers. Guardian believes that a technician who spends less time on the phone with centralized support teams is perceived positively by customers, increasing their trust in the technician’s knowledge and efficiency.

“In just a few short months, we experienced a 4 percent increase in efficiency,” said Randy Tecza, Guardian vice president of operations, who spearheaded the integration. “The app makes it apparent to the customer that our technicians’ procedures are based on a seamless utilization of technology and a true understanding of the account and site. Therefore, our customer becomes even more satisfied with the service experience.”

Integration of the app required involvement from employees representing Guardian’s operations, finance, information technology, data entry, training and customer service departments. It required an evaluation of costs, protocols, technology, skill sets and — of paramount importance — the customer experience. Guardian’s goal for integration of MASmobile Technician was completed successfully with a phase one launch in January throughout its footprint, which encompasses the Mid-Atlantic region of the U.S. as well as states in the South, West and Midwest.

About MASmobile Technician and Guardian’s Integration

MASmobile Technician is an extension of the MASterMind Business module, which has been deployed by customers in the U.S. and globally.

“Right now, the functionality of MASmobile Technician is being driven by progressive companies like Guardian Protection,” said Ralph Ronquillo, vice president of sales at MAS. “As with all of our MASterMind modules, we build our product around the requirements of our customers. As we worked with our customers, some common themes became apparent. Automation flow around the installation and service job processes was critical. Other areas of focus include: limiting phone calls and other nonproductive communications from the field and providing technicians with the ‘just in time’ information they need. We think the interaction between the technician’s smart device, the MASmobile Technician App and the MASterMind database is the really exciting part. MASmobile Technician builds that virtual bridge between the technician’s device and the database. It cuts out a lot of chatter that slows down the process of bringing on a new customer.”

The integration with Guardian’s business included regular rhythm calls that were established early on between the Guardian Protection stakeholders and the MAS development teams. “Since MAS has expanded its development and support teams to include locations in Gdansk, Poland, and Hyderabad, India, we were able to begin certain feature enhancement work during the standard U.S. business day and then hand it off to our remote teams to continue with additional programming and testing. Essentially, we have team members working on the MASterMind platform nearly 24 hours a day,” said Voeks.

Efficiencies Gained at Guardian

Guardian’s field technicians use company-supplied Samsung S3 mobile devices to deploy the application, which gives them a real-time gateway into the MASterMind Business platform. Guardian technicians now have access to an electronic work order and the ability to receive updates to that work order while en route to the site. Other features include a real-time, view-only snapshot of the customer’s MAS-based job, event and test history; capability for the technician to place the customer’s system on and off test mode, to verify signals and to perform a “system clear” from the site or the job; and capture a signature on completed work orders.

In Guardian’s phase two, the MASmobile Technician application will provide Guardian technicians the ability to capture an electronic payment, set up a return job and activate interactive services. Full integration at Guardian will likely be a two-year process, but Tecza cited a substantial number of benefits that Guardian has already experienced since the launch:

  • For field service technicians, beginning-of-day calls to managers for details on work orders are eliminated. Report-in/report-out calls regarding job start and stop times and mileage reports are replaced with emails generated by the application.
  • Technicians can view service billing lines and use the application to request an update from central support, verify the update and then send a notification to complete programming and testing.
  • For managers, the application’s fast, documentable method of communicating means that less time is spent identifying and reviewing schedules for the day and discussing job updates, which can now be placed as electronic comments by the installer on the work order.
  • Also, managers gain efficiencies by being able to reassign technicians in real time without a phone call.


“This is just one more example of Guardian Protection Services’ commitment to ongoing innovation via technology,” said Joe Colosimo, Guardian president. “Frequently the horizon line is further out before we feel the benefits, but with the adoption of this technology, we saw efficiencies almost immediately.”

About Guardian Protection Services

Guardian Protection Services is the nation's largest privately held security systems company and one of the Armstrong Group of Companies. The only company to be named Dealer of the Year twice (1999 and 2013) by respected industry journal Security Distributing & Marketing (SDM), Guardian provides security monitoring, along with home automation and business security services to more than a quarter-million subscriber accounts throughout the U.S.  Protection of life and property has been the company's exclusive focus for more than 50 years. For more information, visit www.GuardianProtection.com

About MAS

MAS is the provider of the world’s leading security automation software, MASterMind. The MASterMind platform provides a fully integrated, enterprise solution for monitored security service providers and proprietary central stations. Deployed in leading central stations and Fortune 500 companies around the world, MASterMind is renowned for its auto-sensing redundancy, proven reliability, scalability and high-volume processing power. MAS is a part of UTC Building & Industrial Systems, a unit of United Technologies Corp., a leading provider to the aerospace and building systems industries worldwide. For more information, visit www.masmonitoring.com or follow @MASmonitoring on Twitter.