MASterMind 6.42 General Release Now Available

​The MASterMind 6.42 General Release is now available for test upgrades. To determine if you are ready for version 6.42, review the compiled list of minimum operating system requirements.

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Highlighted features include:             

MASterMind EX

  • Dispatching enhancements for multi-system sites
  • Site event history view on Alarm Dispatch window
  • System level random PIN generation
  • Capture signature and display on job work order
  • Rich text procedures on the Site Database report
  • System test limitations by operator
  • Searching enhancements on Report Inbox
  • Flagging events as internal so they can be excluded from custom reports
  • UL enhancements
  • Log an event when clicking on a URL
  • UDF fields on System Additional Info, Site Type, Service Type, Service Company, and Operator Action Disposition

MASterMind Classic

  • Optionally manage contact lists and procedures at a system level (multi-system sites)
  • Dedicated Township field for improved site addresses
  • Multiple operators making simultaneous calls on a single alarm
  • Event History event filtering
  • System Zones Import
  • System Signal Rule Overrides
  • Guard Job enhancements
  • Ability to autodial from the Employee Phone Email Lookup window
  • New defaults for saving credit card information and using default contracts
  • Defining partition type by Job Type for Service Job restrictions
  • Easy access to process error log from Detailed Queue Status window
  • UDFs on recurring line discounts
  • Ability for an actions to clear an expected event
  • Ability to create an action when logging a call disposition
  • Default job package from job request


  • Improved performance
  • Security enhancements
  • Support for SSRS reports

MASmobille Plus

  • Advanced search capabilities
  • Register overtime
  • Cancel an alarm

MASmobile Guard

  • Ability to take pictures and record video
  • Ability to view the content and upload into a specific folder on the network
  • Ability to view content from event history

Additional details about these new can be found in the general release notices for the product. For more information and to schedule your upgrade, contact masinquiry@fs.utc.com​


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