​​​​​MASmobile+ is an expanded and comprehensive field mobility app designed to allow remote access to account information in MASterMind Monitoring.

Secure login, supplied by the central station, allows access to the MASterMind Monitoring database from your iPhone, iPad, or Android device.

Manage data for your sites, contacts, systems, contacts, systems, and even zones. You can also assign agencies to a site. Retrieve a quick view of all the systems and sites assigned to your login.

Search by site, system, or phone number.

Place an entire system or specific zones on or off test remotely and in real-time. You can also place systems on test by service type.

View zones, contacts, event history, and test history.

Real-time data synchronization keeps you up-to-date on account information.


Standard features

  • Map integration with your mobile device lets you quickly map the site address and obtain directions from your current location.
  • Availability in both iOS® and Android ™ systems lets you install MASmobile+ in a wide range of mobile devices and tablets.
  • Enhances security via the MASterMind System Administration module.
  • Connect to different instances of EX services via multipe URLs.
  • Comprehensive test feature lets you place selected zones or an entire site on test.


iOS is a trademark of Cisco Systems, Inc and/its affiliates in the United States and certain other countries. Android is a trademark of Google Inc.