Prospects and Promotions

The Prospects and Promotions module of MASterMind integrates completely with all MASterMind applications.

A prospect may be entered and linked to a promotion that defines options and pricing. Sales quotations may be prepared and sales appointments scheduled. As part of the sales cycle, a prospect record is seamlessly converted to a customer record thus avoiding duplicate data entry.


A prospect, or sales lead, is a potential customer for your company’s equipment and services. The application enables your personnel to:

  • Keep records of prospect information and marketing data.
  • Schedule sales appointments.
  • Create sales quotes to manage information during the sales process.

Entering prospect information is comparable to entering customer and site information in A/R. Similar to creating a customer/site record from your prospect data, a prospect is easily created from an existing customer/site record.

Other significant application features include:

  • Market source tracking identifies how your customer heard about your company. You can quantify marketing effectiveness by analyzing prospect or customer responses based on market source. Examples include advertising, sales shows, and recommendations from other customers.
  • Promotion creation enables sales and marketing personnel to identify marketing tools your company uses, such as sales campaigns, telemarketing or advertisement campaigns. To simplify data entry and billing tasks, you can pre-define pricing for promotions using packages, contracts, and services.

For the purposes of reporting, the affiliation feature allows you to group prospects or customers by association or membership.