Report Server

The MASterMind Report Server is an optional module that extends the capabilities of MASterMind to include report processing work distribution, scheduling and remote printing of reports, faxing, emailing and SMS texting, including the powerful auto notification.

Standard features

  • Workstation work distribution: reports are queued by the user but sent to a dedicated PC for processing. This frees the user's workstation for productive work while the report is processing.
  • Server work distribution: the report server workstation can be configured to connect to a non-active server regardless of where the report was queued. Intensive report queries no longer impact the performance of the active monitoring or business server.
  • Report parameters can be customized and saved for use in the MASterMind Job Stream. Schedule reports such as your A/R aging to be printed to a network printer or emailed at regular intervals to your branch managers.
  • Send free-form manual email messages or faxes to contacts, employees, or free-form email addresses from within MASterMind.
  • Configure templates for email or fax messages using the standard message feature. Templates variables are replaced with actual site and when they have been assigned to automatically email or fax employees when they have been assigned to an action or a job, or to automatically notify site contacts when monitoring events occur.
  • Generate an alarm ticket from the dispatch window and use the Report Server to send the data to a contact associated with the site.
  • Use configurable report parameters to define a Mail Out Report batch that will automatically distribute the report to a site or service company at predefined intervals.
  • Define process options that will automatically send the Alarm Occurrence Report, or a preformatted message when a zone is tripped, via the MASterMind Monitoring Report Server, Return emails are logged to event history.
  • Fax or email individual statements or invoices from within MASterMInd Business. Save on mailing receipts.