Enhanced Security for MASterMind Tasks

In MASterMind, a task defines the communication protocols used by the site, the area where the alarm panel is installed, to transmit a signal to the servers at the central station. A task can also define how MASterMind reacts to different signals from the receiver. From translating alarm signals to processing notifications, tasks in MASterMind are vital to the day-to-day operations of a central station. Fortunately, through the System Administration module, you can grant or restrict user/user group access to all tasks to prevent anyone from inadvertently changing the settings to an important task. But did you know that you can now define a list of tasks you can grant or restrict data change access for users and user groups?

A new feature in MASterMind version 6.34 provides you the capability to allow users and/or user groups conditional access to change data for a specified list of tasks. Previously, in the System Administration module, you can determine whether or not a user and/or user group can make data changes to all tasks. With MASterMind version 6.34, you can still determine data change access to all tasks, but now also specify a list of tasks that serves as an exception list. For example, you can restrict your group of operators (a user group) from changing data to all tasks but also provide an exception list of tasks which your operators may change. The opposite also holds true. You can grant data change access to all tasks for your user and/or user group but also provide a list of restricted tasks. Any user attempting to make changes to a restricted task will receive a warning message.

MASterMind version 6.34 also includes a new button that lets you restart a task. Users can use this button in cases where the user is restricted from enabling or disabling a task but you want that user to have the capability to restart the task. When used, MASterMind disables the task and begins a 60-second countdown. During this time, MASterMind checks for a successful task shutdown and then re-enables the task to start within the next minute.

This enhanced security feature for MASterMind tasks provides you the added flexibility to allow certain users or user groups to perform task maintenance without having to compromise the settings of more important tasks. This ensures that your day-to-day operations are not interrupted with inadvertent task changes.


*This feature is part of MASterMind version 6.34. Contact your MAS Sales Representative for more information about the software and hardware requirements to support this feature if they are not already available to you.