Tech Talk

​Learn about the finer aspects of MASterMind and how specific features can help improve your central station monitoring operation.


Creating Payment Plans for Job Invoices

Break down your large installation charge to smaller and more manageable amounts by creating a payment plan for your job invoice. Learn more.


Enhanced Security for MASterMind Tasks

Learn how you can define a list of tasks you can grant or restrict data change access for your users and user groups. Learn more.


Auditing Data with Data Change Archiving

Learn how to effectively track and audit data changes to your MASterMind database using the Data Change Archiving feature. Learn more.


Efficiently Managing Operators in Dispatch Queues

Streamline the process of managing your operators in dispatch queues using the Queue Manager feature. Learn more.


Expanding Your Accessibility Using the VRT and IVR System

Increase your accessibility and expand your operations without requiring additional resources. Use the VRT/IVR system to handle low priority incoming and outgoing phone calls. Learn more.


Moderating Excessive Alarm Activity Using Auto Clear

Natural disasters, such as earthquakes or hurricanes, can bring about an all too familiar problem for central stations: excessive alarm activity. Learn how the Auto Clear feature in MASterMind Monitoring can help moderate excessive alarm activity. Learn more.


Enhancing Customer Service By Streamlining Action Management

Discover how the Personal Action Queue and Action Queue Dashboard feature can help you simplify action handling, manage resources effectively, and streamline your action management process. Learn more


Optimizing Your Auto Notification Process

Avoid burdening your customers with superfluous notifications on generated alarms. Add an additional layer to your auto notification process for a more enhanced customer experience. Learn more


3 Ways to Improve Dispatching Efficiency Using Workflows

Find out how to use the workflow feature in MASterMind Monitoring to help optimize dispatching efficiency to improve productivity and reduce error. Learn more