MASterMind™ Version 6.46 – Now Available

Version 6.46 for the MASterMind suite is now available. Please review the complete list of minimum operating system requirements prior to scheduling your installation.

View operating system requirements

MASterMind suite:
• Now compatible with Microsoft® SQL Server® 2019
• Log-in screen now provides a password reveal option for users
• User password complexity options
• Site type defaults by zip code
• Expanded options usage and security features
• Enhanced item, item lookup, system item, & item disposition
• Job and system config options
• Updates to Chase® Orbital® payment gateway integration
• A/R transaction limits
• Filter by customer or site state on the Action Queue
• Employee action account number validation
• Vertex® O Series® integration
• MK Denial integration
• Logging for standard auto feed
• Wildcards for placing zones on test
• Dispatch by site location language

Exclusive to the MASterMind EX platform:
• System schedule archiving
• Display alarms for multiple dispatch locations on the Alarm Buffer
• Zone page performance improvements
• Delete all zone points at once
• Alarm incident comments
• Prospect service and site email options
• Zip and save client log files
• Alphanumeric contact ID codes
• Contact phones redesign
• Display raw message on Event History from original server
• Linked Procedures Search page
• Filter service map employees by system type
• Service company site access comments

MASweb application:
• Improved security for browser cookie handling
• Improved detection of user IP addresses behind proxy servers
• User password hashing for greater security
• Improved user lockout features for greater security against brute-force attacks
• Chase® Orbital® payment gateway integration for End User invoice payments

MASmobile application (free version):
• New version that uses EX services
• New design and logos
• Light and dark modes
• Improved security and session management
• Biometric login support
• Password reset management

Additional details about these new features can be found in the general release notices which registered users can access through the MAStech secure portal.

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