World-class monitoring capabilities for unparalleled security solutions


The MASterMind™ Monitoring application is a world-recognized monitoring center software, regarded for its unparalleled alarm processing capabilities and proven system reliability. It provides security and monitoring personnel an advanced set of tools based on the latest developments in information and security technology. When downtime is not acceptable and reliability is key, the MASterMind Monitoring application delivers.

Integration capabilities

As an enterprise-level software application, the MASterMind suite provides consolidation and integration capabilities for multiple security-related systems, including intrusion, digital video, fire detection, and access control. Its integrated design allows the MASterMind database to become the main repository for all security and compliance-related data. This centralized management provides an enterprise-wide view of relevant activity across the organizational landscape from a single source.

Comprehensive receivers and signal format protocols support

The MASterMind suite includes interfaces and support for common alarm industry receivers and signal format protocols. The receiver interface library includes support of over 90 receiver classes and over 160 signal format protocols.

Standard Features

  • Provides an advanced set of tools based on the latest developments in information technology with simple navigation for efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Unique "n-way" replication ensures maximum uptime and redundancy.
  • Sophisticated dispatch operator system with single-screen dispatch speeds resolution and reduces error.
  • Full scalability accommodating the smallest to largest central stations with over 5,000,000 systems on a single, integrated database.
  • Highly flexible alarm routing and partitioning (e.g., assigning high-priority alarms to more experienced operators).
  • High processing capacity proven to handle growth scenarios up to ten times the event traffic of the most sophisticated monitoring centers.
  • Supports multi-location dispatch through the client server database structure; manage contacts globally and track across multiple sites.
  • Open platform database provides flexibility for integration of multiple systems while maintaining database integrity.