Advanced security solutions for the modern business world

The MASterMind™ suite of integrated software applications helps security companies run their business. Using one database for all customer functions, the software enables comprehensive ad hoc data mining. Unique elements of the monitoring and security industries have been tightly integrated into a contemporary customer service system. The complete package automates virtually every operational task performed by service-based companies including billing, installation and service job management and monitoring.

MASterMind EX

The next generation MASterMind EX platform utilizes a service-oriented architecture that provides a more robust, highly available environment. It also combines the monitoring, business, and system administration features from the legacy version of MASterMind into one application.

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The MASterMind Monitoring application provides security and monitoring personnel an advanced set of tools based upon the latest developments in information and security technology.

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The MASterMind Business application provides prospect and promotions tracking, installation and service job management, customer service, and robust A/R capabilities, including billing, cash receipts and collections. All combined to provide an efficient single view of your customers’ activity.

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Web and Mobile

The MASweb+ application provides secure remote access for your Dealers, Customers, and Technicians to perform basic functions, such as data access and management using a standard web browser. In addition, mobile apps provide capabilities to perform many system functions using a mobile device.

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