Tested integrations for stability and compatibility with the MASterMind™ platform

Integrations created through the Vendor Certification Program have been tested by MAS for stability and compatibility with the MASterMind™ platform.


With this integration, the Ajax MotionCam motion detector takes a series of photos, which are delivered to a monitoring station using the MASterMind software and played back in the form of animation for quick assessment of the situation by an operator. This increases operator efficiency and reduces unnecessary patrol dispatches. In addition to the photo series, MASterMind software can also receive a panic button’s coordinates from the Ajax app. This allows central stations the option to offer their customers a personal security service with a mobile panic button.

With this integration, Climax is able to offer a more efficient way to distribute panel events, images, and videos to central monitoring stations using MASterMind software.  End user customers will appreciate the comprehensive protection from the wide range of the Climax brand of smart home security solutions.

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