A comprehensive and customizable business enhancement tool

MASterMind EX

The MASterMind™ EX platform is the next generation application that combines all the functionality that exists today in MASterMind Monitoring and MASterMind Business applications into one comprehensive, user-tailored application. Fully customizable, the platform leverages an existing database, processes, and functions to create a smooth, low-impact transition from an existing system. Its new service-oriented architecture and the use of an automated application deployment tool allows for a smoother, more streamlined deployment of software updates. This greatly simplifies the process of upgrading each workstation.

Standard Features

  • One modern application for all MASterMind functions (Monitoring, Business, System Administration). The updated user interface retains the familiar structure, terminology, and most shortcuts from the classic applications to make the transition as smooth as possible.
  • A new service-oriented architecture provides a complete library of services that interacts with the database.
  • “High availability” enhancements to keep users productive without interruption when infrastructure failures occur, or scheduled maintenance needs to be done. Third party load balancers can be used to distribute network traffic and maximize performance and uptime.
  • The ability to create and integrate custom reports using Microsoft® SQL Server® Reporting Services (SSRS), and schedule or email any report, standard or custom.
  • A graphical, flowchart-style workflow tool to simplify creating custom, automated process flows for alarm dispatchers and other functions. Using workflows reduces operator mistakes and standardizes customer interactions.