Remote data access and control takes data management to a new level

Web and Mobile

Extend customer data management capabilities and expand service offerings to customers using web and mobile applications. The MASweb+ and MASmobile applications allow for the ability to access and manage MASterMind™ data in real-time using a web browser or mobile device.

Additional capabilities include service and installation job management that allows technicians to complete jobs via a web browser or mobile device, an end user module that lets residential customers update their contact information and request service, and a comprehensive reporting function that allows for the ability to send custom reports to customers.

Customizable to meet business needs, our web and mobile applications provide a new capacity of data management to dealers, authorized office staff, and even residential customers.

Standard Features

  • MASchat - A web-based chat application used by contacts of monitored alarm systems to help in the prevention of false alarms.
  • MASweb+ app - Using a standard web browser, authorized central station personnel and dealers can access customer data for maintenance and generate reports. Access to data is provided via the central station's MASweb+generated website.
  • MASmobile app – Allows for authorized central station personnel and dealers to manage customer data, place systems on or off test, and view system information via a mobile device.
  • MASmobile Technician app- A comprehensive mobile app designed to let installation and service technicians manage and complete on-site installation and service jobs using a mobile device.
  • MASmobile+ app- An expanded and comprehensive field mobility app that allows you to access and manage your MASterMind Monitoring data.