MAS announces release of MASterMind v. 6.48.01

MAS is pleased to announce the release of MASterMind 6.48.01. To determine if you are ready for version 6.48.01, review the complete list of minimum operating system requirements.

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Key Features Include:

• Option to display just one alarm per site on Alarm Buffer
• Optional summary logging of site data changes and account access
• Setup window inactive/active filters
• AES 256-bit encryption for payment account numbers
• Dispatching by CS Partition
• Auto Notify Delay options
• Roll-up Service Company Dispatch Instructions
• UL 827 Operator Panic Lock

Exclusive to MASterMind EX
• EX Designer
• Site/System URLs
• System PINs page redesign
• Long event descriptions
• Enhanced ANI phone search
• Send custom alarm ticket
• CAD support in Workflows
• Option to prevent users from changing their own security access
• Automated contact notification when alarms are cleared
• MASdeploy alternative to ClickOnce

• TLS 1.2 support between the web server and SQL Server

Introducing MASweb+
• New UI/UX, built from ground up
• Simple & Intuitive
• Dashboards based on login (Dealer, Technician, Customer)
• Payment portal for customer
• Device agnostic
• Utilizes EX services engine

Introducing IVX
• No more Dialogic Cards!
• Requires SIP enabled phone system at customer site
• IVX can be hosted in the cloud on a virtual server
• Smooth migration from VRT12
• Supports mixed environment where IVX can co-exist with VRT12
• Unlimited Caller ID injection, display call-back number
• Utilizes EX services engine

Additional 3rd Party Vendor Integrations
• Ajax
• Climax

Visit our Vendor Certification Program page to learn more.

Additional details about these new features can be found in the general release notices for the product

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