MAS announces release of MASterMind v. 6.50.01

MAS is pleased to announce the release of MASterMind 6.50.01. To determine if you are ready for version 6.50.01, review the complete list of minimum operating system requirements.

View operating system requirements

Key Features Include:

Monitoring (Classic & EX)
• Actual Alarm Tracking
• Bulk System Test Enhancements
• RSPNDR Integration
• Abort Group Schedules
• Additional PIN/ID Code Validation
• Auto Dial Include Extensions
• UL 827 Enhancements

Exclusive to MASterMind EX
• Service Company Notifications
• New Light and Dark Themes and Icons
• Google Maps Compatibility

Business (Classic & EX)
• Routing Transit by Company
• Vertex Sales Tax Summarized by Site
• Multiple-System Job Enhancements
• Job Resolution Enhancements

• Contact Notification Entry
• Tiles and Themes
• Two-factor Authentication
• Single Sign On

MASweb Classic
• Two-factor Authentication
• Single Sign On

• Two-factor Authentication
• Expired Password Handling
• Restrict Screenshots

• Nice inContact Cloud Telephony Integration
• DC-09 Receiver now Supports UDP
• ASAP Restful Services
• Multi-file Payloads Per Alarm Event in MASXML

Dynamic Monitoring
• Location Based Monitoring
• No Pre-Alarm Data Entry (All Info in Signal)
• Agencies by Location
• Contact/Dispatcher Messaging

Additional details about these new features can be found in the general release notices for the product

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