MAS announces release of MASterMind v. 6.52.01

MAS is pleased to announce the release of MASterMind 6.52.01. To determine if you are ready for version 6.52.01, review the complete list of minimum operating system requirements.

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Key Features Include:

Monitoring (Classic & EX)

• Multiple Agency Licenses and Cancel Codes

• Event History Filtering

• Multiple User Profiles per Login

• Caller ID Injection Hierarchy Expansion

• MPERS Site Summary and Call List Updates

• Mobile Device Mapping

• Guard Notification on Canceled Jobs

• Archive Purge Process

• New Workflow Data Elements

• Guard Status Follow-up Expected Events

• Additional Service Company Standard Message Variables

Exclusive to MASterMind EX

• CRM – Incident / Action / Workflow Enhancements

• New Business Incident Dispatch Page

• USPS and FedEx Address Verification

• Agency/ECC Update Automation using Intrado

• HTML Email Templates by Service Company

Business (Classic & EX)

• Chase Orbital Paymentech Certification

• Enhanced Language for Operator Action Dispositions

• Customer Billing Restrictions

• Filter Payment Types by Customer Type

• Filter Job Types by Job Cause


• Enduser Self Registration

• Tiling in Enduser Module

• Enhanced On Test Capabilities

• Enhanced SSO Support for SAML2 and OIDC

MASweb Classic

• Manage Scheduled Reports from a Prior Release

• Reserved Contact PIN and ID Code Lookup Filtering


• Advanced System Search

• Recently Accessed Systems List

• Multi-Factor Authentication Improvements

• Biometrics for System Test

• Spanish Localization


• Active Directory Windows Authentication

• SQL Agent Alternative

• Silent Installer

• Security Encryption Enhancements

• RapidSOS Alerts Integration

Dynamic Monitoring

• Location Based Monitoring

• No Pre-Alarm Data Entry (All Info in Signal)

• Agencies by Location using Intrado

• Contact/Dispatcher Messaging

MASchat – New Product

• Instant Notification of Alarms to Emergency Contacts

• Secure Chat Platform

• Confirm an Alarm for Immediate Response

• Cancel a False Alarm

• Extend the Alarm Delay

• View Alarm Details

• Configurable Delay Extensions

• No Disruption to the Existing Response Process

• Localizable to Support Multiple Languages and Regions

• Branding to Support Custom Colors and Logos in Chat

• Custom Logos for Service Company Chatbot Logo

• Seamlessly Integrates with MASterMind

IVX – New Product

• Increase Efficiency & Reduce Unnecessary Phone Traffic

• Eliminates Costly Dialogic Cards

• Uses SIP for All Call Functions

• Fully Virtual Platform

• Unlimited Outbound Caller IDs

• Call List Filtering using Phone Number Rules

• Call Pause/Resume and Retry Flexibility

Additional details about these new features and products can be found in the general release notices for the products.

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