Job Management

Job Management


Installation jobs provide seamless billing and configuration for new or upgraded monitored systems. Inventory items can be maintained in standard packages and automatically create a system and zones as the job progresses. Default contracts can be tied to the package so that the contract is automatically created and recurring billing can start when the equipment is installed and billed. Service plans can be assigned to installation jobs so that billing parameters are defined for future installation jobs. Choose the level of detail necessary when creating the system for tracking installed inventory along with serial numbers or other important equipment information. Schedule technicians using time or slot appointment methods.

For larger commercial projects, use job costing features and progress billing to bill customers before the job is completely finished. Reporting features allows tracking work-in-process (WIP) for these large-scale jobs.

For larger residential or small business projects, the job installment feature allows for the ability to set up flexible financing so that equipment can be installed, billed, and revenue recognized while deferring the payments to a monthly payment plan.


The service feature of the MASterMind™ suite offers time-saving solutions to fully automate an organization’s service issue tracking and dispatching requirements. The following features could help with the profitability and efficiency of your service operations:

Integrate with monitoring

Service and monitoring are integrated in an intuitive design with a seamless, single point of data entry. Service issues are automatically created based on monitoring events. For example, when the system receives a low battery event, a service ticket can automatically be created. Service employees, based on their call-schedule, can be included in a dispatch call list.

Scheduling adapts to your style

Multiple scheduling methods exist to accommodate various methods for tracking technicians. The technician’s schedule, job knowledge, and location are all determining factors to ensure the most logical assignment to jobs. Service maps provide a real-time visual to help reassign the closest available employee to a job or to add a new job with ease.

Eliminate unnecessary service calls

Service issues are created with pre-defined problem diagnoses and closed with causes and resolutions to allow an organization to troubleshoot recurring problems. Management reports help identify patterns that eliminate unnecessary service calls.


The inspection module included in the MASterMind suite efficiently manages routine site visits, such as annual fire inspections or preventive maintenance visits:

Logically organize inspections

Each site is assigned to an inspection route to provide a logical grouping. A technician is assigned to each route, which automatically defaults when inspection jobs are created.

Automatically create inspections

Inspection jobs are automatically created on a recurring basis based on the site’s predetermined inspection schedule.

Save time and money

Inspections are seamlessly integrated with the service module. For example, if a service job is created on a site with an upcoming inspection, an alert will notify a dispatcher. This intuitive design helps to eliminate unnecessary visits to each site.

Efficiently communicate with field technicians

Service jobs are e-mailed or faxed to eliminate costly paper trails and unnecessary office visits. Daily routes with detailed directions to each service job are created based on service maps to ensure shortened driving times and reliable technician ETAs. Additionally, optional remote applications, such as VRT ensure real-time data access and remote system testing for your field technicians.

Track service employee’s productivity

The Global Positioning System (GPS) interface option enables real-time tracking of service employees, service vehicles and other company assets. Management reports provide employee productivity details to monitor technicians’ job performance. Use of the GPS interface option can increase productivity and job performance.


The MASterMind suite can automate patrol or guard activity to ensure timely dispatch and response:

Easily track patrol jobs and employees

Managing guard and patrol issues is easily achieved with access to the necessary information in a single screen. A Patrol Queue offers flexible ways to view patrol issues based on specified status such as all open or completed patrol jobs for a specific employee.

Schedule guards easily

Each site is assigned a patrol service area defaulted from the associated zip code. Patrol guards are available based on their schedule, proximity to the location, and their ability to handle each type of patrol job. An easy to use, single screen, allows for viewing of available guards for timely dispatch.

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