Interactive Voice Experience


Our new integrated voice product (IVX) provides service technicians, alarm dealers, and customers with remote voice access to MASterMind data. Outbound automated calls will alert customers to low battery, fail to close, and other selected alarm conditions. Technicians can place systems on and off test, and receive test results via voice. This SIP enabled solution means Dialogic cards are no longer required, you will need a SIP enabled phone switch. The new technology also enables this product to be hosted in a virtual environment. The new IVX can work side by side with existing VRT 12 systems to help you maximize your technology investment.


Why Should I Implement IVX:

  • Increase Efficiency & Reduce Unnecessary Phone Traffic
  • Ability to move to a Virtual Platform
    • Not supported with physical dialogic cards
  • Eliminates costly Dialogic cards
    • Legacy technology
    • Legacy hardware, in short supply
    • Point of Failure
  • Unlimited Caller ID’s
  • Ability for increased productivity over time
    • Limited innovation capability with CTADE Environment
    • Development Platform for the Future

Standard Features

  • Multi-Language on a single server (multiple licensed TTS voices required)
  • All prompts are defaulted in text form - No re-recording necessary
  • System data can be set to be spoken as part of any prompt (language specific)
  • Language spoken can be prompted to be changed after the call is answered
  • Voice Input (Speech recognition) option available
  • SIP based calling offers unlimited # of lines to be processed on a single server
  • All processing flow is set and maintainable from MMM/EX client
  • Custom User Access (menu options) without custom programming expense
  • Transfer to operator can screen pop site/system user was accessing
  • Calls to one IVX server can make database changes on system’s primary Server
  • Utilizes EX services engine
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