Voice Response Terminal (VRT) and Integrated Voice Response (IVR)


The Voice Response Terminal (VRT) is a complete hardware and software communications system that provides service technicians, alarm dealers, and customers with remote access the MASterMind™ Monitoring application using only a touch-tone telephone.

Save operator time by eliminating routine tasks using the VRT. Without the need for an operator, the VRT inbound call allows technicians and customers to remotely place systems on-test, clear system tests, hear test results, and even manage service tickets using a touch-tone telephone.

With additional features, such as multiple phone line interaction, user programmability, the VRT adds another layer in simplifying your daily operations.

The Integrated Voice Response (IVR) feature provides the ability to place automated calls to customers, notifying them of selected alarm conditions such as low battery or failure to close. Customers can opt to interact with the automated menu or speak to an operator.

Text-to-speech feature using the latest version of LumenVox® TTS Server for a more robust IVR functionality on outbound calls and increased efficiency when responding to selected alarm conditions. (add-on module)

Standard Features

  • Expanded subscriber menu with extended programmable options for a more streamlined menu flow and less reliance on operator interaction.
  • 64-bit compatibility so you can integrate with the most high-performing and up-to-date systems and environments
  • IVR abort option to clear unnecessary outbound calls and events, and ensure a fluid, uninterrupted outbound IVR call queue.
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