MASmobile Technician

MASmobile Technician

The MASmobile Technician app is a comprehensive mobile app designed to let installation and service technicians manage and complete on-site installation and service jobs, view job assignments, update site information, and add job comments, all within a mobile device.

Real-time data

Real-time data synchronization keeps organizations up to date on current job assignments. Update job status on the go. View system configuration and all related zones, as well as previous jobs and alarms. Search through parts inventory and update charges on site.

Work Order and Signature Capture

The Work Order feature allows organizations to quickly provide billing information and send a copy of a work order instantly to a customer via email. The Signature Capture feature allows a customer’s signature to be obtained on site for added verification.

The MASmobile Technician app provides the perfect solution for installation and service technicians on the go.

Now enhanced and expanded

You spoke. And we listened. The newest version of the MASmobile Technician app packs a more potent punch. Faster data download and data synchronization in real-time. A more organized job queue. Seamless job workflow with automatic job queue refresh. The flexibility to manage different account profiles. And now, the ability to access and process inspection jobs as well. All available right at your fingertips.


  • More streamlined job queue process for faster data download.
  • Faster real time data synchronization.
  • Access, manage, and process inspection jobs.
  • Organize assigned jobs by commitment date or assigned date.
  • Automatic refresh of a job queue after a job assignment has been cleared.
  • Connect to different instances of EX services via multiple URLs.
  • Generate and view work orders.
  • Detailed job history now includes job comments.

Standard Features

  • Map integration with your mobile device lets you quickly locate the site location and obtain directions from your current location.
  • Availability on both iOS® and Android® platforms, allowing installation of the MASmobile Technician app on a wide range of mobile devices and tablets.
  • Comprehensive system test feature lets selected zones or an entire site to be placed on test.
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