Introducing the new MASweb+, the secure way to provide remote access to your dealers, customers, and technicians.  The redesigned, simple and intuitive user interface provides dashboards to summarize account and signal data and automatically adapts to run on almost any device using standard web browsers.  Give your dealers the power to review and update their accounts, offer your customers another option for making payments, and allow your technicians self-service capabilities. All of which can reduce incoming phone calls to the Central Station and result in gaining efficiency and increased savings.

Standard Features

  • Simple & Intuitive UI/UX
  • Dashboards based on login (Dealer, Technician, Customer)
  • Database Redundancy to protect customer data. A complete copy of the subscriber central station database is maintained and updated through our Redundancy feature
  • Reporting feature that allows the generation of reports including activity reports, database reports, and customer lists
  • Defining security group capabilities to restrict access to certain modules and database elements
  • Technician module provides job management capabilities for technicians, allowing technicians to manage and complete service and installation jobs
  • Customer module allows residential customers to update their contact information, request service, and make payments
  • Realtime updates utilizing EX services engine
  • Workflow for adding new accounts
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