Tech Talk

Auditing Data with Data Change Archiving

Everyday, customers of the MASterMind suite monitor millions of homes and business across the US and the world. In this type of environment, consistent data entry and data integrity become major factors that can be a challenge to manage on a daily basis. In addition, with critical data coming into the MASterMind database from a variety of different integration points, it can be difficult and time-consuming for system administrators to sift through data changes to pinpoint the possible source of errors. Fortunately, the MASterMind suite includes a feature which allows system administrators to audit data changes made to the database.

The Data Change Archiving feature records a history of changes made to fields in the MASterMind windows. When data is archived, a copy of the modified record is logged. This log is used to track the additions and changes made to the fields. The changed record is what is displayed in the archive summary window. This is especially useful for system administrators who need to view the steps data entry personnel have taken to make changes to the database, including when and how the changes were made.

The archive summary window provides a useful summary of all the archived changes, including when it was changed, who changed it, and on which server it was changed. Selecting a record then displays the relevant MASterMind window with the modified field highlighted. For example, to audit changes made to zone points, view these changes made in the Zone Points Archive Summary window. Selecting a zone record then displays the Zone Point Archive window which highlights the changes made to that record. Only changes to data found in relevant MASterMind windows are archived. These include data changes relating to alarm groups, contacts, sites, systems, and zones.

For data-driven organizations, data integrity is a priority. Thus, the Data Change Archiving feature provides an effective way for system administrators to track and audit data changes to your MASterMind database.

* MASterMind databases initially installed are not configured with the Data Change Archiving feature. You must contact your MAS Sales Representative to have the Data Change Archiving feature set up on your system.