Tech Talk

Efficiently Managing Operators in Dispatch Queues

For call centers with large teams of operators, it can get increasingly challenging to manage the movement of operators to and from dispatching queues depending on certain situations. Traditionally, in MASterMind Monitoring application, operators (also referred to as users) are assigned to queues on an individual basis. To do this, an organization would typically access the user profile of each individual operator and manage dispatch queue assignments from there. To streamline this process, MASterMind Monitoring application features the Queue Manager window for easy management of operators in dispatch queues.

The Queue Manager window features the ability to toggle between different dispatch queues (by CS partition, dispatch location, alarm queue, or site type) and displays a list of all operators that can be filtered by queue assignment, log in status, and whether the operator is in Autofeed mode. Using this window, it can quickly be determined which operators are currently assigned or unassigned to certain dispatch queues, allowing for the ability to quickly identify a specific pool of operators.

Furthermore, the Queue Manager window enables the ability to quickly assign (and unassign) multiple operators to specific dispatch queues without having to access user profiles individually. Organizations can even set or clear the operator’s primary and secondary dispatch queues within this window. In addition to the filtering mechanism that allows for the ability to filter through the list of operators, an operator’s last can be entered to quickly jump to an operator. Selecting that operator then displays the traditional user queue where the individual operator’s queues can be managed.

Having the ability to review overall dispatch queue assignments and available operators, and to quickly assign multiple operators to different dispatch queues within a single window, the Queue Manager feature provides an alternate and more streamlined approach to managing operators in dispatch queues.

* The Queue Manager feature is part of MASterMind Monitoring application. Contact your MAS Sales Representative for more information about the software and hardware requirements to support these features if they are not already available to you.