Tech Talk

Enhancing Customer Service by Streamlining Action Management

In a tough business environment, excellent customer service can be the key in making a company stand out from its competitors. However, an organization’s business reputation is only as good as the customer service that is provided. In the MASterMind environment, customer service is synonymous with actions. An action in the MASterMind suite is an activity initiated by a representative that affects a customer. Actions, which can be scheduled and tracked, are often used for collection activities, but they are a powerful tool for following up on customer service requests and retention efforts. With this in mind, customer satisfaction depends on the efficiency in which representatives process actions. The Personal Action Queue and Action Queue Dashboard feature in MASterMind Business application helps simplify tasks, manage resources effectively, and streamline action management processes, enabling representatives to handle actions quickly and smoothly.

The Personal Action Queue is an action queue tailored to each individual representative. Instead of allowing representatives to pick which actions to process from the standard Action Queue window, the Personal Action Queue automatically assigns actions to each individual representative based on a queue defined by the manager. When representatives open the Personal Action Queue window, they are given a list of open actions that are assigned only to them. Choosing an action from this window selects the customer and/or site or prospect, then opens the Action History window where representatives can process the action. When an action has been processed, representatives can click a button to open the next action from their personal queue, providing a more streamlined approach to processing actions. If a representative is left with no actions to work on, the Personal Action Queue initiates a query in the background to generate a new list of actions that matches the representative’s predefined alternate action queue, thus reducing downtime for representatives.

In addition to the Personal Action Queue, MASterMind Business application also includes the Action Queue Dashboard for managers to let them quickly review overall action queue volumes and available representatives. The dashboard groups the number of actions by the assigned employee (both actual employees and employee groups) and action IDs that are outstanding and summarized by due date. Selecting a cell in the dashboard opens the standard Action Queue window with pre-filled parameters so managers can quickly view the details of the open actions indicated by the summary cell. Additional options in the dashboard let managers filter actions by employees or change an employee’s alternate queue assignments. Managers can also track the time spent between opening and closing an action.

Streamlining action management in MASterMind Business application can equate to higher productivity and performance which promotes faster customer service and better customer experience. The Personal Action Queue and Action Queue Dashboard is an invaluable tool that can be implemented to help manage representatives’ workload so that better service can be effectively provided to customers.

* The Personal Action Queue and Action Queue Dashboard feature is part of MASterMind Business application. Contact your MAS Sales Representative for more information about the software and hardware requirements to support these features if they are not already available to you.