Tech Talk

Expanding Your Accessibility Using the VRT and IVR System

Every phone call sent or received by a business is an opportunity to deliver a memorable experience to customers. Optimize that experience while preserving valuable operator time by expanding accessibility using the MASterMind suite’s Voice Response Terminal (VRT) and Integrated Voice Response (IVR) system. The VRT and IVR system is a complete hardware and software communications solution that allows technicians, dealers, and customers remote access to MASterMind Monitoring application using only a touch-tone phone.

Answering phone calls can take time and not all calls require the dedicated attention of an operator. For example, routine phone calls made by technicians and customers to place systems on-test or clear system tests can take up time from operators. The VRT inbound call system eliminates the need for operators to perform these routine tasks by allowing technicians and even customers to remotely perform these tasks themselves, dedicating more time for operators to focus on answering higher priority calls.

By setting up specific signals that can generate an auto notification response via the IVR, automated outbound calls can quickly be placed to customers, notifying them of certain alarm conditions. For example, if a site generates a “fail to close” alarm, the IVR outbound automation system can place a call to someone at the site. That person can validate themselves then extend the expected close (without ever having to speak to an operator) by interacting with the automated menu. Customers who value this approach could change their “fail to close” events to “log always,” thus reducing the amount of open/close call traffic presented to the operators.

The IVR also allows for the ability to call a site and play prerecorded phone messages as responses to events. These messages can provide instructions or require confirmation that the event was received at the central station. IVR messages can also be created to act as a follow-up to an event or even as an alarm itself.

When made available 24 hours a day, the MASterMind suite’s VRT and IVR solution provides value to business operations by significantly expanding operations and accessibility without requiring greater resources. This helps avoid overwhelming a call center with routine calls and, more importantly, lets customers know you value their time and experience with you.

* The VRT/IVR feature is an optional feature of MASterMind Monitoring application. Contact your MAS Sales Representative for more information about the software and hardware requirements to support these features if they are not already available to you.