Tech Talk

Optimizing Your Auto Notification Process

Central stations using the MASterMind Monitoring application’s Auto Notification feature understand the time-saving benefits of automating the process of notifying customers or service companies of low priority alarms. When a low priority alarm occurs, such as low battery on the alarm panel, MASterMind Monitoring application automatically sends an email, fax, text message, or even an automated call (via IVR) to the customer or service company, freeing up time for operators to focus on higher priority alarms. But the Auto Notification doesn’t just end there.

In certain situations, the automatic notification of an alarm to a customer or service company may not be ideal. Since a large majority of generated alarms can be false alarms, the ability to delay the notification until you can confirm the alarm and provide additional helpful information to include in the notification message is available. The Auto Notification feature can also automatically place an auto notification message in queue, providing an organization more time to research and confirm the alarm before sending out a message to the designated contacts.

For example, when a burglary alarm is generated, instead of automatically notifying the customer of the alarm, the notification can be delayed until you get confirmation from an agency or contact that this is an actual alarm. In this scenario, the Auto Notification feature then dispatches the notification from the queue based on the operator action (or disposition) that is entered. This allows for the ability to limit the calls made to certain contacts and prevent them from being burdened with a superfluous number of calls. Now an actual event can be confirmed before deciding to update a contact if preferred by the customer.

This function provides an additional layer in the auto notification operation, providing  more range for an optimal process. And an optimized auto notification process greatly ensures a more enhanced customer experience.

*Auto notification by email or fax requires the MASterMind Report Server and associated hardware and software. For auto notification by phone calls, VRT is required. Contact your MAS Sales Representative for more information about the software and hardware requirements to support these features if they are not already available to you.